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Offering Etiquette Training and Community Initiatives

Through carefully created educational trainings and programs, Avenues of Excellence established a clientele list which expands across universities, youth groups, community organizations and Fortune 500 corporations.

Founder & Visionary

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Rose Hedgemond is a remarkable individual who has achieved success in multiple roles and endeavors. She is not only a devoted wife and mother but also an accomplished author and a veteran of the United States Navy-N.A.T.O. Furthermore, Rose Hedgemond has excelled as an executive in a Fortune 500 insurance company and proudly holds an alumna status from Barry University. Her unwavering commitment to professional excellence led her to complete her education at the esteemed Protocol School of Washington. As the esteemed President and Founder of Avenues of Excellence, Inc., Rose Hedgemond continues to make a profound impact.

During her tenure as a corporate executive, Rose Hedgemond skillfully managed substantial financial portfolios, successfully generating millions of dollars in annual gross revenue. Her leadership extended to overseeing large support teams, ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness.

OUR MISSION: Here at Avenues of Excellence, our unwavering commitment is to deliver a wide range of comprehensive training services encompassing - protocol, etiquette, work readiness and professional development.


OUR START: In 2009, driven by her passion for protocol, decorum, and professional development, Rose Hedgemond established Avenues of Excellence, Inc., a distinguished professional development company headquartered in Miami, Florida. Avenues of Excellence is devoted to providing comprehensive training and education in protocol, etiquette, work readiness, and professional growth to individuals, companies, and organizations.

Through meticulously designed educational programs and training sessions, Avenues of Excellence has cultivated a diverse client base, ranging from universities and youth groups to community organizations and Fortune 500 corporations. The company's commitment to excellence, coupled with the support of an exceptional team and community partners, has facilitated the successful launch of Avenues of Excellence Finishing School, Inc. This institution caters to the needs of youth, adults, and businesses, fostering their personal and professional development in a supportive and enriching environment.

In 2016, leveraging over 15 years of expertise in etiquette and proper dining skills training, Avenues of Excellence proudly introduced its own line of luxury table linens, known as AOE HOME. The AOE HOME collection showcases exquisite designs of table napkins, placemats, table covers, and other items that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home. Additionally, AOE HOME actively contributes to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds to support at-risk youth programs, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Avenues of Excellence's expert advice has received widespread acclaim, with publications and features on renowned national media outlets such as SIRIUS XM Radio, HOT 105, The BIZ Radio, WMBM, TBN, CBS, The Florida Villager, SOMI Magazine, Pine Crest Magazine, Community News, The Miami Times, South Florida Times, The Miami Herald, and many others. The recognition and reach of their expert advice further solidify Avenues of Excellence's position as a trusted authority in their field.

We are a Veteran Owned Business
Licensed Intercultural Etiquette & Protocol Entity

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