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Terms & Conditions

Non-Transferable: Virtual gift cards are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the individual named on the gift card at the time of purchase. [NOTE: This means we need to explore how we can add the name of the gift card holder at time of purchase.]

Expiration Date: Gift cards must be redeemed within 1 year from the date of purchase. After this period, the gift card will expire, and its value will be forfeited.

Booking Confirmation: To redeem a gift card, customers must contact our school at to schedule their etiquette class. The booking is subject to availability.

No Rescheduling: Once a class is scheduled using a gift card, it cannot be rescheduled. Please choose your class date and time carefully.

Class Availability: Class availability may vary, and we cannot guarantee specific dates or times. We recommend booking well in advance to secure your preferred class slot.

Class Type: Gift cards are applicable to both youth and adult private etiquette, charm, and finishing school classes. However, they are not valid for events or group classes.

No Refunds: Gift card purchases are nonrefundable. We do not provide refunds for any reason, including unused or partially used gift cards.

Lost or Stolen Cards: We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Treat them like cash, as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Gift Card Value: The value of the gift card can be used to cover the full or partial cost of the class. If the class cost exceeds the gift card value, the customer is responsible for paying the remaining balance.

Code Redemption: To redeem a gift card, customers must provide the unique gift card code at the time of booking. This code will be validated, and the corresponding amount will be deducted from the total class cost.

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