Avenues of Excellence offers online virtual learning courses and etiquette programs for youths.

In a continuous effort to provide quality up-to-date training, we are pleased to offer our youth learning programs. These engaging and exciting programs are designed to teach skills in the world of decorum, etiquette and table manners.

Available Online Courses for Youths

Engaging and exciting etiquette training.

Father Daughter Dance Read

In this interactive course you will:

  • Listen to the Father-Daughter Dance: A Night on the Red Carpet story
  • Complete a fun and interactive activity at the end of the story
  • Children will learn about character, self-confidence and self-value 
  • Plus, receive a complimentary gift with purchase

Appropriate for children ages 5 and up
Cost: $10.00

Red Carpet Girl "ON-DEMAND" Affirmation Program

This interactive course offers light lessons on the importance of process and preparation:

  • 6-week training module is full of key life lessons to help prepare young girls for success
  • Complete step-by-step activities in each session and engage with Rose Hedgemond on proper manners and activities
  • Learn what it means to be a Red Carpet Girl 

Appropriate for ages 11 and up

Cost: $20.00

Dining Etiquette (The Basics) - COMING SOON

In this interactive course you will:

  • Learn “everyday” table manners
  • Learn how to set the table 
  • Learn serviette etiquette

Appropriate for ages 7 and up
Cost: $20.00

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