Tea Time: Sit and Share

For many who do not know, Avenues of Excellence launched its’ custom made table linen line, Table Couture.  You can view Table Couture’s store by clicking here. SHOP NOW.

And with our “new” Table Linen store, it only seem right to begin a blog about all things Table Couture. So sit back and relax.

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This month, I was visiting a friend and my voice was still a little raspy from the cold weather in North Carolina. Being in the cold weather, I started to think about how throughout the years, I have enjoyed so many different types of flavored teas. While visiting my friend, I was offered a cup of peppermint tea, initially I hesitated because I am not a fan of peppermint, but I said “ok, why not.”   Now, let me tell you, I really enjoyed that peppermint tea and was very surprised at how smooth it was.

Of course, the next thing I had to do was add it to my tea collection. I have a very extensive collection of teas.  So, get out your favorite tea cup and pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s sit and talk.

Today, I would like to share with you one of my very favorite tea cups and it is the Waco China Cup with Japanese green with red flowers. She (as  I refer to all of my tea cups as “she” in the feminine tense), does not have a given name because she doesn’t come out as often as some of my other tea cups; however, you have to admit she is very beautiful to look at. I’ve had this teacup for just about twenty years now and she is in pristine condition. I love it.

Today,  I would also like to showcase one of our Table Couture  linens from our Harvest (Fall) Line which you can find  at our store by CLICKING HERE.

This is a bright, red table linen set that is perfect for this holiday season. A beautiful pointed end table runner that is double sided; along with  coordinating napkins and apron. 

Remember, at Table Couture it is our hope, when you dress your table with our linens, it will bring life and beauty to your home. And bring your family and friends back to the table feeling warm and welcomed.

Thank you for joining me here at: Tea Time – Sit & Share

Life and Beauty to your Home


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