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The Art of Dressing the Table: Summer fun
Hello everyone and welcome back. This is the last part of our “Beginnings of Dressing the Table” we hope you have enjoyed these sessions. We are looking forward to many, many more sessions wherein this session we will discuss everything dining, dining décor, and entertaining with class.

Recently, a few weeks ago, we had a wonderful opportunity to do a “live” Facebook lunch and learn session at one of our dear friend’s home. The particular session was all about how to adorn your “outdoor” table setting… and your “indoor” setting as well, for that matter.  During this session, we discussed the first steps of “beginnings to” dressing the table to ensure everything is welcoming and inviting for guests.

Step-by-step we had a wonderful time learning how to pull together the theme of the event – which just so happens to be the 4th of July theme. Our dear friend, who was our host for the day, showed us how to consider stepping away from the same-old theme and consider using unique design elements on the table to really bring in that inviting feel – and on a budget, I might add.

We were told to remember that dressing a table that’s inviting and welcoming does not have to be pricey, rather using simple items and layering those items with a few upscale quality items can bring your table theme (tablescape) altogether.

I must admit, the designs were absolutely fabulous. We learned how-to-use the actual menu, the food, and beverage, as a design element. Wow! Instead of just planning a simple same-old theme menu – we learned to even design the food and decorate the food to make the selection visually appealing to the guests.

One of the ways we did this was by throwing away (rather hiding/not displaying) those ever-popular aluminum pans. These are great to get you set up but for the table display, it was all about the sparkling glassware and ornate crystal.  Sparkle and shine were going on in the fireworks and on the table.

Next, was the serving utensils and flatware. Here we used nice lightweight utensils that complimented the overall theme. None of that mundane “toss-in-the-trash” after each uses small plastic ware. No – for this table setting, just by adding in a few upgraded elements made all of the difference.

Finally, we designed our table where guests could sit and eat/dine. Now this setting was so elaborate that I was pleasantly surprised. Here, our hostess used a beautiful SILK TABLE RUNNER over an everyday use linen tablecloth which I am happy to say all of the linens were provided by our fine table linen line, Table Couture.

So, just by giving a little extra attention, putting in some pre-planning time and thinking outside the box can help anyone put together a wonderful table design that’s welcoming, inviting, and full of class. Well, that’s all for now. Next week we will begin with an exciting new topic so be sure to stop by because you don’t want to miss it – until next week everyone – Life and Beauty to your homes.

*** To view our live video session click here***

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