Life and Beauty for the home

By: Robin Baer on June 2017

Hello. Welcome to Table Couture. My name is Robin Baer, Creative Director for Table

Couture. Table Couture is a fine table linen brand that creates unique and custom made table

fashions. Today I am inviting you to see what Table Couture is all about.

To begin with, Table Couture is all about “Bringing Life and Beauty to the Home”. Our objective

is to enlighten, inspire, and teach all who desire to learn how to make a house feel warm and

inviting by making it not just a place to live but by making it a home.

It is our desire to bring valuable information and “how-to” tips in the areas of etiquette and

social decorum for dining and entertaining. It is so important to bring family and friends back to

the table where love and priceless memories can be made and stand for years to come. Where

I come from, sitting (or standing in some cases) around the table is where the family, relatives, and even friends would gather together and communicate – talking about the things going on in

and around their lives, things in the community and in the world. We would talk about how

things affect the family and how in an ever-changing world, we always manage to adjust to

those changes and challenges.

Now with that said, Table Couture is inviting you to come and join us on this adventure starting

at the table. So pull up a chair and take a seat. Let’s discover together all of the unique and fun

ways how to dress and adorn the table to bring life and beauty in the home. So come and join

me and the table as the Table Couture team brings families and love ones back to the table.

Share your comments below on how your family set the table whether simple or extravagant.

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