Community Sewing Classes

***Due to COVID-19, we have moved all classes online. Be safe everyone.***

Created in 2016,  with the GOAL and FORTE to establish skills, reintroduce a quiet craft, giving work and building viable long-term business opportunities to individuals in undeserved communities.

With the support and passion from various municipalities, and community leaders, AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE hopes to expand skills training and provide more access to training programs. This program is supported by many community businesses, partners and sponsors. 


A very special thank-you to:

The City of North Miami 

North Miami Library

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet

Charades Youth Theater Project 



Our success is your success. To have AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE brand Table Couture partner with your business and or municipality to provide free classes, contact us at

Sewing Machines


Community Sewing classes offered to adults to learn a skill and trade                                      to promote employability and market place readiness.


Community Sewing classes for youth in disadvantaged areas. Teaching a skill and an awesome opportunity to experience the industry of textile.

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To create unique products of exceptional quality.

Founded in 2009, AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE was developed to provide education and training in etiquette, protocol, professional development and work readiness training. After a little over 5 years of training in the industry, AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE looked towards building a personal brand that spoke true to its' vision and mission. From that point, the launch of our custom luxury table linen brand was developed.



Sewing Machines






To train individuals a  craft and sought after trade/skill. 


In 2016, AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE launched its’ custom luxury table linen brand Table Couture. In addition to making beautiful custom designs for the home, Table Couture offers a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE opportunity to provide community sewing classes for youth and adults in disadvantaged communities. The community sewing classes not only provides a means for a recreational activity; however, also for many is a means to learn a new  skill/trade. 


Virtual Sewing Classes

Avenues of Excellence is elated about our new online and virtual classes. These classes are for both youth and adults. Class schedule are always updated, so visit us to see latest schedule.

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If you are interested in attending one of our virtual classes, please email us at

Virtual Summer Sewing Classes are going on now.

Classes are restricted to residents of The City of North Miami. To enroll for summer A session CLICK HERE.

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With every purchase of a AVENUES OF EXCELLENCE Table Couture Linens product, you help another adult, another child, learn a new skill to become self sufficient. Plus, it's a fun way to be creative. Stay tuned for exciting new community partners and community projects.

Table Couture new online store is relaunching July 2020.

Thank you!

Let your creativity grow and your stress go

The benefits of sewing is more than you think!

Did you know... absorbing your concentration in needlework relieves inner turmoil?

Sewing encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety.

The meditative action of sewing encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation.

Being forced to concentrate on one particular task enables you to become immersed in a situation and truly unwind.

Plus, it's fun!

Class dates and times are subject to change and availability

In the event of a cancelled class perhaps due to inclement weather, a make-up class

will be rescheduled and or a video class may be set-up.

Fun craft (recreational activity) and a market-place skill

Classes are held at (Location Partner) - North Miami Library

***Due to COVID-19, we have moved all classes online. Be safe everyone.***

For additional questions, contact Table Couture's team, via email at,

Please kindly allow 2 business days for a response to your inquiry. 

Community Sewing Classes