Avenues of Excellence is excited to introduce the Red Carpet Girl Teen Affirmation Book and Online Training/Mentoring Tutorial.

The Red Carpet Girl teen affirmation book and online tutorial was designed and developed by Avenues of Excellence founder, Rose Hedgemond. The red carpet life is full of lights, people and surprises. Walking the red carpet can be so exciting, all eyes are on you. Who are you? What is it that you do? It seems life would be easy, even fantastic; however, if you’re not properly prepared, it can turn lonely and overwhelming.

The Red Carpet Girl book and online tutorial teaches young teens how to step on life’s red carpet with confidence, poise and grace. Red Carpet Girl…. You were born great!

Red Carpet Girl Online Training/Mentoring Program

After seeing such a huge success from the Red Carpet Girl book, and the demand from the community, schools and organizations to have a full in-depth training, Rose Hedgemond expanded the Red Carpet Girl book into an online interactive training tutorial.

The Red Carpet Girl online training tutorial is an interactive program that is broken up into 6 exciting and though provoking parts. Each part is designed to teach teen girls to think about life actions and how to make conscious decisions that will propel their future success.

Red Carpet Girl Book

Author, Rose Hedgemond

The Red Carpet Girl teen affirmation book is a wonderful ‘light’ read that’s full of key principles to empower, inspire, and motivate young girls to be successful. This book truly prepares our teen girls how to step out on their life’s Red Carpet with confidence, poise, and grace. Yes – light lessons on the importance of the process and preparation.

Topics covered:
• Self Presentation
• Communication
• Being a leader, not a follower
• Morals and values
• And so much more….
Appropriate for ages: 12 to 17


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