Summer Sewing Class
by Table Couture


Changing lives one stitch at a time - that's what the Community Sewing Academy is all about.  Currently, we are enrolling our Saturday  summer sewing class.

Class sessions are at no cost

To successfully complete each session, attendance is required for all days assigned in the specific session. Each enrolled student will receive the following:

  • Detailed instructional guide and work readiness training journal
  • Beginners sewing kit

To successfully complete each session, student will:

  • Attend each class assigned in the session
  • Successfully learn sewing techniques taught in class
  • Complete class project/portfolio

Classes are fun, interactive and educational. 

This program is supported by many community businesses, partners and sponsors. 

A very special thank-you to:

  • The City of North Miami
  • The First Church of North Miami
  • North Miami Library


About Table Couture

Avenues of Excellence was established in 2009. In 2016, Avenues of Excellence launched its' home decor table linen brand Table Couture.  After years of providing etiquette training, it only seemed fitting to move to the next level in the home decor industry.

Now, Table Couture gives back by providing various community sewing classes; teaching a new skill all while having fun.



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On The Move

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Golden Wild Flowers Coasters


Keep up with Table Couture in the community. Follow us as we provide special LIVE videos. 

Learn a new industry trade and skill to gain work readiness training.

Classes are held at (Location Partner) - North Miami Library

835 NE 132nd St, North Miami, FL 33161
For additional questions, contact Table Couture's team, via email at,

Please kindly allow 2 business days for a response to your inquiry. 

Or, simply get out to meet new people while exploring a new way to be creative.

Class times -  10:00AM - 12:00PM

Date and times are subject to change.

In the event of a cancelled class perhaps due to inclement weather, a make-up class

will be rescheduled and or a video class may be set-up.