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Welcome to Avenues of Excellence Charm School. Our Charm School classes are designed to provide you with maximum content with minimum time commitment.

What is taught in charm school?

The name "charm" reflects that it follows on from ordinary school, or form of educational learning of sorts and is intended to complete the education, with classes primarily on deportment and etiquette, with academic subjects secondary. It is most pressing to note charm school is formed, and taught by, a highly learned educator, who is extensively learned/learning, in the arts of intercultural social graces, etiquette and protocol.

Charm school consists of lessons taught on concentrated (focused) topics in a condensed time setting, versus elongated teaching sessions which require extended learning time and investment commitment.


Why is charm school necessary?

Avenues of Excellence charm school classes are designed to help individuals learn a plethora of critical "life” skills such as navigating challenging social situations, exude confidence, flare, self-worth, self-value and teaches individuals to know how one should be presented socially in the best light (to bring forth) as possible.


  • Classes are held for 1.5 hours with an array of topics.

  • Classes are held on various weekdays, with a select few classes held on weekends.

  • Charm school classes are applicable for both youth and adults accordingly.


Charm school classes are an excellent, and exciting, opportunity (avenue) to refresh (and learn) various necessary "life" skills with a short time commitment, and minimal investment


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Welcome to Avenues of Excellence Finishing School.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida



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Avenues of Excellence Finishing School focuses on teaching social graces and cultural rites as preparation for entry into all levels of society, in a modern setting.

Traditionally, finishing schools in Switzerland served women from upper-class affluent families – grooming to be the most well-prepared socialite.

DID YOU KNOW – A socialite “should be” is a master communicator and one who is able to network impeccably and highly connected. The one who is sought out to make connections. It is imperative to develop important skills befitting our modern day and “future” society that will support the demands of both your private and professional life.

The purpose is to help refine students into polished and poised individuals that will prepare each person to excel in various social arenas - be that personal, or professional. And understanding, and appreciating cultural diversity being a must.

In today’s increasingly global society, learning and using etiquette, even internationally, is critical and can determine how you navigate towards your future success/destiny. The choice is yours. Move with confidence and ease, or that of hesitation.

Avenues of Excellence Finishing School not only serve the training needs of women; however, men as well. We will open our classes in spring of March 2023, beginning with youth classes.

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Charm-Finishing School IMAGE 3.jpg

Avenues of Excellence Finishing School prepares young girls, and boys, to meet the demands of life being polished, poised and put together. Understanding self-control is to be worn as the finest custom-made apparel afforded. Avenues of Excellence Finishing School is a selective program and requires an application and preliminary interview process. Avenues of Excellence Finishing School provides small group settings and personalized teachings along with private consultations for students.



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