Father - Daughter Dance: A night on the red carpet

Author, Rose Hedgemond

An inspiration story about a young girl who learns how to cope with difficult situations and in the process experiences self-discovery. 
Appropriate for ages 5 to 12

Rose Hedgemond’s book is vetted and cataloged in 3 public library systems Miami-Dade Public Library, North Miami Regional Library and Broward County Library.


"Definitely a must read." —Carlos Rubio

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Red Carpet Girl

Author, Rose Hedgemond

The Red Carpet Girl teen affirmation book is a wonderful ‘light’ read that’s full of key principles to empower, inspire and motivate young girls to be successful. This book truly prepares our teen girls how to step out on their life’s Red Carpet with confidence, poise and grace. Yes – light lessons on the importance of the process and preparation.

Topics covered:
• Self Presentation
• Communication
• Being a leader, not a follower
• Morals and values
• And so much more….
Appropriate for ages: 12 to 17


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