Month: April 2017

Good Manners for School

It is unfortunately not uncommon these days too hear how bullying and or an ill-mannered child can intimidate another student in school.

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Use Mealtime to Teach Lessons

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, summer is here and school is out. With it comes a little breathing room for parents, school teachers, and all who contribute to the learning process of our kids throughout the school year. Slower pace, notwithstanding, this is not the time to completely relax in all areas. …

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Workplace Etiquette

Some people call it flirting. Some people call it being friendly and others wonder…well, what is your hidden agenda or motive? Has greeting business colleagues with a handshake become outdated? There’s an old-time saying that goes like this: “Don’t let your good be evil spoken.” Hugging and touching someone, especially in a business setting, can …

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Reservations with Class

I just love making plans to surprise my husband. It’s great! I take a lot of care and planning to ensure, as much as possible, that the plans even down to the venue (restaurant) are well-thought-out. To get into a special restaurant many times simply means…reservations. Most nice restaurants prefer (require) reservations. Making reservations can …

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Living with Etiquette

I don’t think there’s a person who doesn’t enjoy the soulful upbeat sounds of Aretha Franklin singing her famous song Respect. Truly this song is one of Franklin’s signature marks. In today’s busy society, respect can present itself in many different forms and opportunities. Let’s look at an opportunity where respect can be seen and …

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What is Proper Attire?

Many may not believe this to be true; however, knowing the type of attire to wear is just as important in social decorum as the use of manners — and actually the two are parallel with each other. The way you present yourself, or dress, is critical and is a statement as to how you …

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Good Manners for School

It is not uncommon at all unfortunately with some of today’s children to hear about how bullying and or an ill-mannered child can really intimidate another student in school. Good manners can make a big difference in a student’s success and failure in so many aspects of life. This is why it is so imperative …

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Living with Etiquette

So often with busy and conflicting schedules, it can be quite challenging for family members to come together and spend quality time at the dining table for a meal. Now more than ever it appears we are in an age, and society, of eat-on-the-go. Because of this fast-paced society, social graces have — for some …

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